Early Melnik Melnik vine or 55 is a hybrid wine grape variety, a cross between the Broad Leave Melnik Vine mixed pollen varieties Dyurif, Zhyurason, Valdigie and Cabernet Sauvignon. It occurs only in the region of Sandanski Katuntsi.

Suitable varieties are humosno-carbonate soils or sandy clay, warmer soils. Relatively resistant variety of low winter temperatures. The vines are susceptible to mildew and powdery mildew. The grape is resistant to gray mold.

This variety is a middle. Grapes ripen 20-25 September. Vines are vigorous, with good fertility and yield. The yield is about 1500 kg / ha. The bunch is medium size, cylindrical-conical or winged one winged, compact to semi-compact. The grain is medium large, oval, juicy. The skin is thick, dark blue with dots. Variety of wines are made with deep ruby ​​color, rich flavor and aging potential.

Broad Leave Melnik Vine is a wine grape variety, distributed mainly in the region of Petrich and Sandanski. Latest high quality red variety. It thrives in light soils sloping south. Gives regular yields long pruning, cluster is a medium-sized, semi-compact to compact, conical, sometimes winged. Average wholesale grain and skin – dark blue. From him prepare high quality table and dessert wines.

Rouen is a red wine grape variety selected in PPC “Georgi Dimitrov”, Plovdiv, by crossing varieties Broad Leave Melnik Vine and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Medium maturing variety: mature between 15 and 20 September. Not resistant to fungal diseases.

The bunch is medium (157 years) conical concise. Berries are small (1.6 gm) rounded. The skin is thick, strong, dark blue, covered with a thick waxy coating and rich in coloring matter. The juice is colorless.

Sugar content is about 22.2%, acid – 6.6 years / l The resulting variety of table wines are dark red, extractive, fresh, with harmonious taste.